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subnetTALK 2022 on the topic of „Lust“.
Insight and dialogue in the field of tension: art, research, technology.
This subnetTALK will be held as HybridTALK (Zoom & attendance at Studio 3).

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Amsterdam based artist Anna Hoetjes is the latest artist in residence at the European Space Agency. She will share her artistic methods to render feminist perspectives visible in space science. How does she advocate that there is no universal universe? This ranges from gaining a deep understanding of complex astrophysical measurements, to exploring the detailed work of early female astronomers, to imagining what it feels like to be a spacecraft, performing the same meditative movements over and over again in the vacuum of space. She allows herself to abandon logic in logical surroundings and to have inexplicable crushes on historical figures, but also on instruments, stars and planets. 


Anna Hoetjes (1984, Amsterdam) is a visual artist and filmmaker. Her work draws parallels between early 20th century history and technological developments today. She investigates how seeing and being seen in a technologically mediated world has evolved over the years. How do the utopic and dystopic scenarios from the past influence how we look at ourselves and technology today? How can we render female perspectives, dreams and activities visible? Her works take the form of participatory performances, short fiction films, video installations, sculptures and lectures.

Picture credit: Roel Brekelmans

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Center for Human Computer Interaction der Universität Salzburg
Techno 5, Jakob-Haringer-Straße 8, 5020 Salzburg

6 p.m.

one hour – Imput approx. 20 min, Dialog approx. 40 min.

Insight and dialogue in the field of tension: art, research, material.

subnetTALK is an open dialogue format. subnet invites artists and researchers to give an impulse on topics in the field of tension between art, material and research. This impulse is the basis for the following dialogue. Both impulse and dialogue will be recorded and broadcast by FS1. Rüdiger Wassibauer moderates the dialogue.

subnetTALK is a cooperation between the Center for Human Computer Interaction (University of Salzburg) and subnet.