Robert we miss you, while we continue.

As a community, Schmiede wants to create a memory, a space among us for Robert and what he stood for. Robert was a passionate and playful developer, coder, gamer, entrepreneur and artist. Early recognition strongly influenced his path. Hence we decided to create a youth award (25 and younger) in his memory, focusing on what was dear to him: playful art and coding.  Robert combined many aspects that make Schmiede special. He was open, loved to experiment, originated in Hallein and was very committed to developing his working and living environment on a scale that went above and beyond his personal gain.

You can apply or recommend.

Prix Robert 2021: Sara Koniarek

# The application does not need to be long, but give us a feeling, what you or the recommended person is about.
# Submitted via email office{at}schmiedehallein{dot}com by May 31st
# Selection is made by an independent jury.

# The process begins with a public meeting / artist/coder talk at Schmiede.
# The process ends with a presentation and documentation of the results at Schmiede.

The norm is that we want people to come to Hallein and work with us.
We still think that this is a good idea, however considering Robert’s free spirit, we want to make this as free as possible.

Thanks to all Prix Robert contributors.
Please contact us in case you want to become a contributor.
The more contributions we collect the more Prix(s) Robert will happen.
Contributions can come in many forms.
The obvious ones: Money, Housing, Mentorship.

Key data:
# € 1.000,-
# playful art and coding
# 25 years and younger
# send applications or recommendations to: office {at} schmiedehallein {dot} com
# Application deadline: May 31st, 2022

September 1st – October 5th is the period when we can provide a working space at the Saline.

Travel, accommodation and meals are not included.

We encourage everyone to participate at
Schmiede22: Sündenbock
14. September – 24. September 2022

Place: Saline, Pernerinsel, Hallein// Schmiede Hallein // Schmiede in 5:20

Kontakt: office{at}schmiedehallein{dot}com

Special Thanks to Polycular for the support.

Picture by Sara Koniarek taken from CODE_WORT