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subnetTALK 2022 on the topic of „Lust“.
Insight and dialogue in the field of tension: art, research, technology.
This subnetTALK will be held as HybridTALK (Zoom & attendance at Studio 3).

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Erich Berger is an artist, curator and cultural worker based in Helsinki. Throughout his practice he has explored the materiality of information, and information and technology as artistic material. His current interest in issues of deep time and hybrid ecology led him to work with geological processes, radiogenic phenomena and their socio-political implications in the here and now. He moves between visual arts and science in an area which he also investigates and develops as director of the Bioart Society in Helsinki.

Deep time is understood as the concept behind geological time: the history of the earth from its beginnings as a molten ball of matter until the present. Deep futures do not yet exist, they are a thought-vehicle to speculate within the probability space of a future earth. The realization that anthropogenic impact is leading to transformations of the earth-system which follow through into deep futures is not only discussed within the sciences. The Anthropocene and with it a strong interest directed towards deep time and matters of geology surface increasingly within artistic practices. At its core artists look at the origins and consequences of human impact and speculate about deep futures. Berger’s own interest, manifested in his artistic work, is to investigate the dichotomy between human time perception and the time in biological, environmental, and geological processes which we as humans are part of. This dichotomy arises from the present as we as individuals are challenged to change our way of life and to contribute to endeavours and measures to secure a future for humans beyond our lifetime.

Picture credit: Mari Kaakkola

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Center for Human Computer Interaction der Universität Salzburg
Techno 5, Jakob-Haringer-Straße 8, 5020 Salzburg

6 p.m.

one hour – Imput approx. 20 min, Dialog approx. 40 min.

Insight and dialogue in the field of tension: art, research, material.

subnetTALK is an open dialogue format. subnet invites artists and researchers to give an impulse on topics in the field of tension between art, material and research. This impulse is the basis for the following dialogue. Both impulse and dialogue will be recorded and broadcast by FS1. Rüdiger Wassibauer moderates the dialogue.

subnetTALK is a cooperation between the Center for Human Computer Interaction (University of Salzburg) and subnet.