it’s our pleasure to welcome Jatun Risba to our subnetAIR program 2024!
As every year, a mixture of local and international artistic positions has been sought out. The selected project proposals and persons are characterised by ambitious objectives and thematic relevance.

Jatun Risba`s approach to interspecies communications and deep ecology impressed the jury, especially the detailed project agenda that will guide their work. We look forward to engaging with the library of text in the language of Kinship that Jatun will create.

BE-COMING KI-N PORTAL is a participatory performance and deep ecology research playground for interspecies kinship care. The project cultivates a vision of reciprocity and sacred communion between the earthly web of life which aims to re-cognize and regenerate the world’s immune system. This is done through the ‘be-coming ki-n’ language game and other slow-pace, playful activities which emphasize the importance of species diversity, place-based knowledge and thriving natural ecosystems for the survival and well-being of all. The initiative is directed towards establishing a more compassionate and environmentally conscious baseline for what it means to be a human animal today. One that is aligned with the precepts of the indigenous kinship worldview and of non-monotheist wisdom traditions.

Jatun Risba (1986) is a Slovene peformance-centred artist whose practice fertilizes reciprocity between species and the rights to pleasure. Their art research draws inspiration from the world’s wisdom traditions, such as Vajrayana Tibetan Buddhism and Slovene pre-Christian religion, and explores deviant uses of contemporary technologies, such as mobile phones, WiFi internet, sensors and microcomputers. Performative ritualism is used as a vehicle for unveiling the poetry and magic within everyday reality, in order to re-pair the modernist divide between Nature and Culture.

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subnetAIR25 will be calling this summer and deadlining on October 31st 2024.

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