Interdisciplinary Creative Research project for Interactive

New Media- Human Computer Interaction Design

Young Suk Lee, MFA & MS Assistant Professor of Integrated New Media Studies Indiana University South Bend

@ University Salzburg Techno 5, Jakonb-Haringer-StraBe 8, 5020 Salzburg, Austria. 1

I had an opportunity to participate in an exploratory research project involving various interactive media and technology at the subnet air in Salzburg, Austria, 2017. The organization of the Subnet air is an international organization that provides a platform for media art and experimental technologies professionals.
I worked at the center of Human Computer Interaction Design research lab at the Salzburg university, Austria between May 15 and July 14, 2017. I have successfully conducted an artist talk at the university and I have created the experimental wearable projects (the multi-sensory interactive wigs) while exploring computer aid fabrication with the mixed media (ie.3D prints, laser cutting), embedding coding, mechanical implication, and sensors.

Working process on the Digital Crafting

Working the computer-aid fabrication process the laser cutting machine

Testing Multi Sensory Interactive Design with the Ph.D students and researchers at the Human Computer Interaction Design Center of the Salzburg University

Final Documentation

I Smile At You (Motion Interactive Sculpture)

Thou and I (Motion Interactive Sculpture)

Exhibitions: This series of experimental wearable project has been presented at the faculty exhibition, IUSB, South Bend, IN 2017
and also exhibited at my solo show at Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago, IL, during Feb 13th – March 16th, 2018 art/fine-arts-gallery/exhibition-schedule

Publication: I wrote a research paper regarding to the expressive digital interaction, which I am planning to present it at ACM (The Association for Computing Machinery) the international conference: The conference on Tangible, Embedded, and Embodied in Interaction 2018, March17-21 Title: Thou and I: Exploring Expressive Digital Interaction with Interactive Characteristic Wigs Stockholm Kulturhuset (Stockholm Culture House) in an evening of Art and Performance, Sergels torg, 111 57 Stockholm, Sweden