ORTung 23.4. – 13.5. Program

It is worrying to imagine a time when things are not this fine, at least for Schmiede. Yes we won, again, and yes we are very happy and proud to be allowed to face this new challenge.

ORTung is an artist symposium for the regional area of Salzburg. It is awarded to cultural initiative in cooperation with an town in the country of Salzburg for three consecutive years. This time to Schmiede Hallein won in cooperation with Hintersee.

So three times, 2018 till 2020, we will have the privilege to host up to six artists for three weeks. We will be working in the winter, in 2018 it will happen April 23. till May 13th.

ORTung works over a recommendation pool (filled by culture initiatives from Salzburg) which is then given to an independent jury for further selection. We, Schmiede, can voice recommendations of our own, however our central role is to facilitate the process.

We have a finished but not finalised concept, so there is still time to discuss the general methods of interaction. Especially if you are from the region and want to get involved. send us an email: office {AT} schmiede {DOT} ca

The goal is to create an atmosphere of exchange and enrichment for the artists as well as the local population.

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The official ORTung program will commence
Friday April 27th 19:00 with Meet the Artists

Das öffentliche Programm beginnt am
Freitag 27. April 19:00
mit dem Kennenlernen  der Künstlerinnen.

Isidora Ilić & Boško Prostran
Film/Video – Künstlerduo „doplgenger“ |  Belgrad

Michaela Schwentner
Film & Foto | Wien

Maria Petschnig
Video, Fotografie, Installation| New York

Cornelia Böhnisch
Tanz & Performance | Salzburg & Wien

Christiane Peschek
Fotografie, Skulptur, Duft-Kunst | Salzburg & Wien

Ana Hoffner
Performance, Video- und Fotoinstallationen | Wien

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Symposium (Dauer/duration 1 Stunden/hour)

Mohr Stille
Saturday April 28th at 14:00
Regional art and cultural production
with impulse and moderation by Theo Deutinger and Rüdiger Wassibauer

Samstag 28. April um 14:00
Regionale Kunst und Kulturproduktion
Impulse und Moderation Theo Deutinger und Rüdiger Wassibauer

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Walk and Talks – Spazieren und Sinnieren (Dauer/duration 1 Stunden/hour)

So./Su. 29.4.16:00 with/mit Kerstin Klimmer Kettner

Fr 4.5. 16:00 with/mit Beda Percht

Sa. 5.5. 16:00 with/mit Rüdiger Wassibauer

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Werkschau / Workshow – Fr. 11.5. 19:00 

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ortung schmiede programm 2018

Apr 26th, 2018


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