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Liv Tsims Zeit bei subnetAIR geht zu Ende . Am 22. November gibt sie Einblick in ihren Arbeitsprozess und den aktuellen Stand ihres Projekts.

“Sooo-Chew” Customized chewing gum responding to your feeling supported by Emotion AI The speculative project aims to provide alternative emotional support to people, by creating chemical material and Emotion AI from mobile phone. Negative feeling is prevalent in human’s daily life and some people are used to express themselves by bruxism or nail biting. Instead of hurting your body, a customized chewing gum box set might better understand your complex emotion by Application in your phone and provide you a corresponding “favour” in a chewing gum, so as to support your sensory system by an intimate and interactive progress. Gum chewing requires complex activities during the process of mastication and it can always trigger human’s nervous system, namely relieving stress by attenuating the sensory processing of external stressor and by inhibiting the propagation of stress-related information in the brain stress network. When we feel stressed, we try to relieve ourselves by chewing gum but how could one kind of gum cater for such complicated human’s feeling. In view the developing Emotion AI, known as Affective Computing Intelligence, we now could try to study non-verbal cues of humans like body language, facial expressions, gestures, and tonality of voice to detect their emotional state. Through this project, I am trying to create a chewing gum by four main chemicals that effectively influence human’s emotion, including serotonin, dopamine, adrenaline and oxytocin. An application in your mobile phone will analyze the data regarding to your current emotion and design a corresponding amount of chemicals in your chewing gum. “Sooo-Chew” will be an interactive and emotional food experience.

picture credit: Liv Tsim
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