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Ecotones – acoustic stories of wetlands and interstitial spaces

Fascinated by aquatic ecosystems since my early childhood my talk will navigate along watery transition zones that I discovered mainly through sound. In ecology, ecotones are places where two communities meet, merge, or separate. They are constantly changing and clear boundaries dissolve. In aquatic ecology these areas between water and land include wetlands such as floodplains, marshes, swamps, bogs and river deltas. These riparian are not only hotspots for biodiversity and carbon reservoirs, they also represent the venue for diverse transitions and transformations in science fiction, fantasy and horror stories.

Christina Gruber is a freshwater ecologist, visual artist and lecturer based in Vienna. In her practice she investigates large rivers and their interspecies relationships, alternative forms of care, political resilience, and ecological pedagogy through speculative narratives and acoustic ecology. She currently teaches at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and at the University of Artistic Design Linz. As part of the servus.at Research Lab, she critically examines digital ecosystems and their ecological impacts.


Picture credit: Sara Tasha Hauber
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