Before we’re looking forward, we’re looking back at 2022.
Take a look at  Matthias Grubers‘ video of Corrie Francis Parks, one of our subnetAIRs 2022 and MediaART grant of the city Salzburg 2022.

This subnetAIR slot was enabled by the mediaART grant and residency – cooperation with the city of Salzburg and in cooperation with  Schmiede Hallein.

Corrie Francis Parks
Corrie Francis Parks brings life to the inanimate through frame-by-frame manipulation of physical materials. With one hand under the camera and the other on the computer keyboard, her films and installations maintain an organic connection to traditional production methods while fully integrating digital technology. She is an Associate Professor of Animation at University of
Maryland, Baltimore County and author of the book, Fluid Frames: Animating Under the Camera with Sand, Clay, Paint and Pixels.