Schlagwort: subnetTALK 2020

subnetTALK Online: Tina Dolinšek und Rüdiger Wassibauer: Where do we go from here?

WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE? (Vortragssprache: EN) Tina Dolinšek will be our second subnetTALK guest 2020. Due to the corona crisis the TALK will take place online on Facebook….

subnet during corona

During Corona you will find subnet online.  Currently we are assuming that all events utill June are affected. “Meet the artist” TALKS and “subnetTALKs” will be held according…

subnetTALK: Jennifer Katanyoutantant : Mi 15.01.

Home cooked: Exploring ‚authenticity‘ through edible gaming (Vortragssprache: EN) Jennifer Katanyoutantant will be one of seven outstanding artists from all around the world in ORTung. Because of her…