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Tina Dolinšek will be our second subnetTALK guest 2020. Due to the corona crisis the TALK will take place online on Facebook.

Tina Dolinšek (PIFcamp, Slovenia, and Rüdiger Wassibauer (Schmiede Hallein, Austria, will give insight about 2020 and are available for questions.
We want to shape our future and not be shaped by our fears. Two festivals want to start a conversation. What does this new reality mean for us?

This subnetTALK will be an open dialogue and conversation starter on how we want to bridge the developing distance.

Ewen Chardronnet, chief editor of Makery magazine & medialab (France, will moderate subnetTALK.

Duration perspective – 60 min
25 min dialogue between Tina and Rüdiger
35 min questions and answers.


Festivals and the future according to PIFcamp (Slovenia) and Schmiede Hallein (Austria).

Tina Dolinšek, Coordinator of the PIFcamp Slovenia wanted to hold a different talk (The Talk would have been about the collaborative approaches in new media art production. As an example she wanted to point out these approaches talking about the Slovenian summer hacking camp „PIFcamp”). However Tina’s talk was steamrolled. A common question that will shape our future perception as well as actions and therefore our ability as well as potential.
Tina was about to cancel or postpone her talk as she lost the ground on which she was building and saw little relevance in looking back in nostalgia. Rüdiger’s point of view was that now we need normality and what can be done should be done, considering hygiene guidelines etc…, and if it is just for the purpose of testing.
This is especially important considering our joint Creative Europe project FeralLab (a network of temporary dislocated hubs for research in art, technology and communities across Europe). Creative Europe is an EU program designed to facilitate and enhance exchange amongst European artists and creatives.

Tina and Rüdiger started a dialogue about what the future might bring and how we can or should approach it. We decided to skyjack Tina’s PIFcamp subnetTALK. Tina and Rüdiger will briefly lay out the implications of our current situation, but then dive right into potential actions.

We want to shape our future and not be shaped by our fears. Tina’s and PIFcamp’s challenges are everything but uncommon. The same is true for Rüdiger’s and Schmiede’s. As we act locally but think globally, we want to utilise this subnetTALK as an inciting moment to start a conversation about a world that seems unreal within the concept of our past state of mind……. Where do we go from here?

Two festivals want to start a conversation. PIFcamp as well as Schmiede are cooperative and process oriented festivals. We rely heavily on physical contact amongst our participants and audiences. How can we address this new situation? How will our work in 2020 and beyond be affected? What about the future of creative work and exchange gatherings?

Moderation: Ewen Chardronnet, chief editor of Makery magazine & medialab (

Tina Dolinšek is an Ljubljana based new-media art producer, curator and cultural facilitator, working with several slovenian art organisations since 2012. In 2015 she initiated the art-tech-research platform aka summer hacking camp PIFcamp and has been running it ever since. As a member of experimental AV group Theremidi Orchestra she hosted numerous workshops on experimental DIY instruments building and performed at various venues and festivals around Europe and the US.

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eine Stunde – Input ca. 25 min, Dialog ca. 35 min.

Dieser subnetTALK ist eine Kooperation zwischen der Schmiede Hallein und subnet.