Home cooked: Exploring ‚authenticity‘ through edible gaming

(Vortragssprache: EN)

Jennifer Katanyoutantant will be one of seven outstanding artists from all around the world in ORTung. Because of her perfectly fit to the subnet theme “conjunctive” in the year 2020, we decided to make a little ORTung happen in Salzburg as well. So see you in Hintersee and in Salzburg.

This talk will happen in cooperation with Schmiede and Center for HCI, University of Salzburg, Studio 3 – Center for HCI.

In her talk, Jennifer Katanyoutanant discusses using games to turn the sheer expanse of global food trade into a fun, sensory experience. She shares the development process for “Home Cooked”, an interactive, edible board game that acts as a physical manifestation of the distinct cultural traditions that have been founded upon a longstanding history of global exchange and migration. The game looks at how a foreign ingredient makes its way into a new country and integrates into a region’s existing food vocabulary. The project is created in collaboration with Nebraska based artist, Grace Wong.

Jennifer Katanyoutanant is an interdisciplinary artist working in interactive mediums such as AR, VR, installation, and game design. Her work explores tangible manifestations of complex data structures, the reciprocal relationship between personal and global systems, and their influence on culture, identity, and media. Recent projects include a multimedia investigation into the effects of mukbang on Southeast Asia’s fishing ecosystem, an AR fueled art gallery, and a migration themed edible board game.

Bildcredit: Monique Nguyen Photography


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Center for Human Computer Interaction der Universität Salzburg
Techno 5, Jakob-Haringer-Straße 8, 5020 Salzburg


eine Stunde – Imput ca. 20 min, Dialog ca. 40 min.

Einblick und Dialog im Spannungsfeld:  Kunst, Forschung, Material.

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subnetTALK ist eine Kooperation zwischen dem Center for Human Computer Interaction (Uni Salzburg) und subnet.