Roadside Picknick – Пикник на обочине – Picknick am Wegesrand

interactive installation and durational performance of absence

Thomas J. Jelinek (SE/AT) – artistic concept and direction
Jorge Sánchez-Ciong (VE/AT) – sound scape

present cooperation with:

Stefan Glasauer (DE), Max Hoffmann (US/DE), Margarete Jahrmann (AT), Marian Kaiser (DE), Peter Koger (AT), Lousie Linsenbolz (AT), Gerald Nestler (AT), Lucie Strecker (DE), Thomas Wagensommerer (AT)

Postcity (Obergeschoß) Linz

07-09   12:00    opening installation
20:00    performing presence

08-09  to 11-09
installation accessable every day 10:00  – 18:00

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