What: With the invited workshop participants we will discuss if and how the use of metabolic rerouting could be connected speculatively with marked data. Further we would like to discuss how bioinformatically calculated metabolic decisions could be presented to a general audience within the frame of a live art performance. In the workshop we will use creative methods used in art&science and moderated brainstorming. The workshop is not aiming for a final result but is regarded as a first step of a feasibility study for the above lined out question.


Why: The ongoing FWF research project „The Performative Biofact“ is researching biotechnological experiments as art performances. We currently aim to create a choreographed/performative coinage of a new currency. We herein deal with the question on how the invariances, the unencodable and invaluable in biology and art could challenge economics preference for perfect information acquisition and efficiency for prediction. We aim to offer new, utopian exchange systems /currencies that connect affect, art, biological/more- than-human dynamics and finance. Our previously designed concept was based on the interpretation of the metabolic pathways of respiration/ fermentation as game, that the audience was influencing through a technological, interactive setup. We realized that the respiration/fermentation metabolic pathways are not helpful for our set up and we aim to figure out, if metabolic rerouting as a kind of interface between financial and biological data could become an art based risk assessment for our poetic and utopian (crypto-) currency.


Who: Martin Murrer (HCI, embodied interaction research), Bernhard Maurer (HCI, multi media technology), Mark Rinnerthaler (head of research group: aging and stress response, devision of genetics, University Salzburg), Amrito Geiser (PhD, devision of genetics), Lucie Strecker (Senior post doc, Art& Sciene, University of Applied Arts Vienna and FWF project leader), Klaus Spiess (head of Art&Science program, Medical University Vienna), Daniel Aschwanden (choreographer and artist), N.N. (metabolomics/bioinformatics)


When: 4. 9. 2017, 13:00 – 17:30

Where Human Computer Interface Center (HCI), Jakob-Haringer-Straße 8 / Techno 5, Salzburg