Stefan Tiefengraber will come.

Same time same place: Mi 27.03. 18:00 – Studio3


subnetTALK 2019 zum Thema „Maschinenkult“
Einblick und Dialog im Spannungsfeld: Kunst, Forschung, Technologie.
subnet 2019 Programm bis Juli

Project Aquatocene / Subaquatic quest for serenity by Robertina Šebjanič, reflects the aural underwater acoustic environment and the sound (noise) pollution produced there by human presence. The Aquatocene explores the relationship between sound, nature and society. It encourages rethinking the (invisible) human impact on the underwater habitats. Over the last few years the artist had made a number of recordings using hydrophones in different locations around the globe. She will also present her the sound compositions. More about the project:


Robertina Šebjanič (SLO) is international exhibited artist. Her artistic work deals with cultural, (bio)political and ecological realities of aquatic environments. With her projects she tackles the philosophical questions at the intersection of art, technology and science. Her projects are often realised in collaboration with others, through interdisciplinary and informal integration in her work. She is member of Hackteria Network and Theremidi Orchestra. Web: 

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Bildcredit: Uros Abram