Thank you for the many high quality submissions.
We are very happy that the subnetAIR program finds such strong resonance.

The subnetAIRs 2022 are:

Jana De Troyer
||: Focus – Distraction :||

Martina Fröschl
“Fly… – Butterfly”

Scarlett Yang

Jury Statement
The invited artists and their proposed projects focus on a diverse range of topics. A unifying theme is that their artistic works are centred on experiencing the here and now, through a high-level interaction with scientific processes, be it eye tracking technologies, scientific visualizations through MRT, or the development of high-tech wearable materials. The artists were selected based on their high-quality project proposals, that incorporate the aesthetics of techno-science in tangible projects.

The MediaART Residency (Stadt Salzburg) jury session is still in process and will be announced as soon as the jury made a decision.