Hyejun Youn

Hyejun Youn is an interactice designer, developer and researcher with a passion for user eperience design and Human-Computer Interaction using cutting-edge technology and pychology. If the external circumstances make it possible, she will come to Salzburg for four weeks starting in January to work at her project „AuxeticBreath: Changing Perception of Respiration“ in the context of the TEI – Conference on Tangible Embedded and Embodied Interfaces (TEI) (04. -07. 02. 2021), which will take place online due to the pandemic.


AuxeticBreath is an interactive new-media installation that records and visualizes the rhythmic patterns of collective human breaths using soft robotics and auxetic structures (i.e. structure with a negative Poisson’s ratio, exhibiting the property of becoming wider when stretched and narrower when compressed). The goals of this artwork are 1) observing the audiences’ interaction with collective breaths and the changing perception of respiration during the COVID-19 pandemic; and 2) finding a new artistic approach using a combination of auxetic structures and soft robotics. The metaphors and artistic expressions of inflation and deflation of elastomers, and the emission of light from the expansion of auxetic structures invite an individual’s presence to become part of the larger collective installation, and to take a moment to consider the underlying changing perception of breath during the pandemic. By employing an emerging technology, we want to encourage other artists to use and modify emerging technology as a new artistic approach for realizing their own ideas.

Time: January- February

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