Martina Fröschl, one of our subnetAIRs 2022, worked in September on her project „Fly… – Butterfly“ at Schmiede Hallein.
Take a look at Matthias Grubers‘ video documentation.

This subnetAIR slot was enabled in cooperation with Schmiede Hallein.

Martina Fröschl
Dr. Martina Fröschl studied media technology & media design and wrote her diploma thesis on computer animated scientific visualizations of tomographically scanned microscopic organic entities. The representation of realities and biological phenomena has been the driving force behind her work ever since. As a visual effects and CG artist, she has participated in various documentary and fictional productions for TV and cinema.
Her recent computer animations are based on scientific image data such as µCT, MRI, SEM and light microscopy in collaboration with imaging experts and biologists. She is currently a Senior Researcher and Digital Artist at the Science Visualization Lab Angewandte at the Department of Digital Arts at the University of Applied Arts Vienna.

Project: “Fly… – Butterfly”
Martina Fröschl deals with data visualization between art and science. The focal point of “Fly… – Butterfly” is the translation of the volumetric data from a tomography of hoverflies and butterfly eggs into a visual object. The data will be developed into larger-than-life representations in collaboration with researchers at the Center for HCI and the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences. In doing so, a physical design language with spatial design means is developed through the joint expertise.