Four artist in residence/micro grant slots for 2024 are open till October 31st (annual call). Apply and come to work with us and at the Center for Human Computer Interaction. 

subnet is a small media art nonprofit in Salzburg.
subentAIR has a standing cooperation with the Center for human computer interaction at the University of Salzburg.
subnet facilitates the process and can support with a micro grant.
The subnetAIRs gain access to the center’s infrastructure and their team of scientists.
Our vision is to provide a relaxed as well as productive work environment, exchange and access to a network between the arts and science.

Salzburg Media Art Grant
Time slot is September 2nd – 30th 2024, an apartment and a 600€ grant.

Three slots with flexible time frames, no apartment and a 1000€ grant.

The applications shouldn’t be longer than three pages and consist of concept, curriculum vitae, references, preferred and possible timeframes (timeframe for the Salzburg Media Art Grant).  You can apply for both, but let us know.

Selection is done by an independent jury. subnetAIRs will be announced by December.

Participating artists are will need to hold two small talks, intro (artist talk) and exit (process talk).
The rest of the process is free to design.
During September we encourage artists to participate at Schmiede, as most people involved in the AIR program will be there.

take a look: Matthias documents the subnetAIRs since 2019 : subnetAIR on pageflowsubnetAIR on youtube

if you got questions please contact:

Pic from Karla Spiluttini Project: “I smile at you” by Young Suk Lee
subnetTALK / Exit Talk at Schmiede23: Blood