Physical Computing, hardware hacking and tinkering

Every Schmiedember we move south, to Hallein.
So in case you have not applied already consider the fun you will be missing.

SchmiedeApplication open till May 31st

Schmiede19: better
September 11th – 20th

The Tinkerlab deals with the physical craft as well as software side in order to implement physical things: objects that you can touch, moved by motors and controlled by microprocessors, that make sounds and communicate. Both, either and or, practical as well as with an artistic inspiration. New DIY methods such as 3D printing or the use of Arduino are a special focus.

Smiths can use the equipment and the space of the Tinkerlab in order to implement their projects. Simultaneously, the initiative serves as an umbrella for the Tinker advocacy group. Like-minded people can be found there  in order to network, collaborate, create and present. For those who do not have any or little knowledge in these matters, or simply want to learn there are also workshops, as needed.

Tinkerlab was initiated by Karla SpiluttiniKorinna Lindinger and Bartholomäus Traubeck after they were brought to Schmiede by the Salzburger Landespreis: Medienkunst. Hebocon at Schmiede was initiated by Romedius Weiss at Schmiede15:  READY. Since Schmiede18 Tinkerlab is hosted by Sophie Birkmayer and Tammo Claassen supported by Korinna Lindinger and Romedius Weiss.

Tinkerlab is a cooperation between subnet and Schmiede.

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