Xuanning Chen subnetAIR geht zu Ende. Am 28. Juni gibt sie Einblick in ihren Prozess und dem Stand der Dinge, im Center for HCI vor.

English Version:

About Xuanning Chen:
I was a child growing up in Shenzhen, China, and I completed my
master’s studies and now live in the Netherlands. Electronic technology, science, media art, music… these labels can describe my state of art today. In my philosophy the world is concret, life and art too. So I prefer to use hardware and a ground-to-earth attitude to create my work. Life experiences in Europe have had an interesting collision with my home background, which will be the subject of my upcoming creation.

About the Project:
The background of my project CUT is derived from a music culture that is about to become a past in China. China was once a recycling site of plastic waste for Western countries, and part of these rubbish was music products: CD, black tape, tape… etc., which were punched into the cut and sent to China. When the time internet download was not wide spread, Chinese music-loving young people traded Western music resources by trading these plastic waste. As the times change, we no longer use physical music. The stories of the past are also getting dust. Some sad and sad, isn’t it? So I’m going to design a device that will make this rubbish reused, and let the world will remember this history.

Hello person,welcome to my place。

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