(c) Laura Splan


TRT: variable
Networked performance with biofeedback driven visuals & sound

Collaboration by Laura Splan (live performance with Arduino EMG biosensor), Iulia Miruna Radu (live data driven visuals in vvvv) & Hari Stojan (data driven sound composition in Ableton Live) at Schmiede (Hallein, Austria)

„Metronome“ is a durational performance that uses an Arduino EMG biosensor to monitor the performer’s heartbeat (Laura Splan) as live data driven visuals (Iulia Miruna Radu) and sound (Hari Stojan) punctuate each heartbeat. As the body exerts itself to inflate, tie and pop balloons, visual and aural crescendos and distortions are created out of data thresholds.

Link: Metronome