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“3 Hz – 3 THz”

Radio technology offers a glimpse into an, by biological means, imperceptible world: the invisible segments of the electromagnetic spectrum. Exploring the radio spectrum through technology allows to build an awareness of the ubiquity of its applications in industrial societies. From remote controls to radio astronomy the radio spectrums use also radiates into art. Which forms can manifest in the finite material spectrum? How can the type of free-space signal propagation become an integral part of a radio signals message?

Toma Pilein
builds and unbuilds machines to reveal and conceal electromagnetic processes through sound, visible light, and consumable substances. Revolving around the phenomenon of oscillation, the fields of portrait photography, cocktail robotics, and amateur radio are ploughed. Academically Toma researches on electronic textile transducers and is teaching students how to build mechatronic ideas. In the spirit of sharing, Toma has presented his work on morning TV shows, international conferences, and art festivals in Europe, Asia, and North America.


Picture credit: Nadja Schütz
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