Speaker: Reni Hofmüllerreni

Topic: Belonging/ Teil von etwas sein

Zeit & Ort: Mittwoch 16.11.2016 | 19:00 Uhr | FS1 Studio, Bergstrasse 12, Salzburg

How does connection play out in daily life? Connection to people, connection to ideas, to concepts – and to technology?

How does that happen, how does it develop, and how can it be influenced, how can it be „gestaltet“/“designed“?

The speaker will present some experiences and involve the present people to exchange about their experiences. In German and English.

Reni Hofmüller is interested in art as a possibility to create space for exchange, that can build the basis for reflection about society. Art can offer an atmosphere for encounter of the other, and this can lead to a deeper and better understanding of our environment.

ABOUT: renitentia.mur.at
LANGUAGE: English + German

Picture credit: Jogi Hofmüller


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