Picture Credits: Thomas Draschan


The Performative Biofact- Biotechnology and the Performing Arts
This subnetTalk focuses on the relationship between ecology and performance, which has influenced theories of action/reaction, audience/player, somatic techniques, improvisation or other systems of training and collaboration. Concepts of ecology and environment are queried: How have they changed since biotechnology reproduces or synthetic biology has engineered life? How have they been placed in the ambiguous realm of being created both naturally and technologically? The theoretical understanding of biological materiality is considered as well as the tangible creation of experimental settings, in which the used media change meaning and latent narrative structures become perceivable.


Lucie Strecker is an artist, director and research fellow at the University of the Arts, Berlin, and a PEEK senior postdoc at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna. She has been developing performances and installations together with Klaus Spiess, which have been shown i. a. at the House of World Cultures, Berlin, at Performing Science, Gießen, the Museum of Natural Science/Biofiction, Vienna, Tanzquartier Vienna and the 21er Haus and have been honoured with the Performing Science Award in 2011 and with the Prix Ars Electronica – Honorary Mention in 2015.


DAY | TIME: May 11th 2016 | 7pm

NEW Location: FS1 Studio, Bergstrasse 12, Salzburg

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