„They say AI can detect hidden illnesses“: On digital tansformation and critical literacy

While artists have been exploring the critical aspects of artificial intelligence in depth since the mid 2010s, the launch of easy-to-access and easy-to-use AI models such as ChatGPT, Midjourney or Stable Diffussion has rapidly accelerated the general public’s usage and perceived understanding of this technology within the last year, with both the public and media discourse often taking shortcuts and manifesting technological misunderstandings. This talk explores strategies driven by artistic and cultural perspectives that can aid in fostering a critical approach to the transformative nature of the technology.

Kristina Maurer is an independent cultural manager and producer at the nexus of digital culture, digital Transformation, art and technology. Her research interests include the socio-political and societal implications of digital technology, the development of strategies to foster digital literacy as well as human-centered design and technologies. In her practice she develops exhibitions with artists, universities and research institutions, educational and discursive formats, digital incubation and acceleration programs as well as national and European funded projects. She served as Head of European Projects at the Ars Electronica Festival and Executive Producer of „Compass – Navigating the Future“, the Ars Electronica Center’s redesign. Kristina Maurer lives and works in Linz.

Kristina Maurer ist freie Kulturmanagerin und Kulturproduzentin an der Schnittstelle von digitaler Kultur, digitaler Transformation, Kunst und Technologie. Ihre Forschungsinteressen konzentrieren sich auf die soziopolitischen und gesellschaftlichen Implikationen digitaler Technologien, die Erarbeitung von Strategien zur Forcierung von Digital Literacy sowie Human-Centered Design & Technologies. In ihrer Praxis entwickelt sie anknüpfend an diese Themenkomplexe Ausstellungen mit Künstler:innen, Universitäten sowie Forschungsinstituten, edukative und diskursive Formate, digitale Inkubations- und Accelerationprogramme sowie nationale und europäische Förderprojekte. Sie fungierte unter anderem als Head of European Projects des Ars Electronica Festivals sowie ausführende Produzentin für „Compass – Navigating the Future“, die Neugestaltung des Ars Electronica Centers. Kristina Maurer lebt und arbeitet in Linz.


Picture credit: ©Ars Electronica
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