Bildschirmfoto 2014-11-19 um 16.03.30TALK: Smith Biographies and Network’s Contribution

Schmiede is a network of people strongly engaged in various fields of arts, design, technology and performance with various professional competences. Members get together for intense experimentation for two weeks per year. Cooperations, network-activity and mutual support go on during the year through digital communication.

Non-hierarchic knowledge transfer and interdisciplinary exchange plays a constituting role for Schmiede. Translocal communities of interest have gained importance as places of individual and collective resources for professional development.

The talk discusses results of a research project about the sustainability of the semi-digital network for artist’s biographies. The research is embedded in international EU-Project “What’s the deal” about young urban cultures and sustainability.

Date & Time: Wed 26th Nov 2014 7pm
Location: FS1 Studio – Bergstrasse 12, Salzburg

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