5D Space Machine

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subnetTALK 2023 on the topic of „all inclusive“.
Insight and dialogue in the field of tension: art, research, technology.

Suppose we are living inside the ultimate intelligent living machine:
I will present animated geometry films of the 3D representation of the Penrose kites & darts tiling, unit cells of 5-dimensional space, identified as Plato’s 5th element synonymous with the Quintessence & the Aether; also conforming to Henri Poincaré’s dodecahedral space as model for the Universe (1904).
The talk intends to reflect the paradigmatic shift from the space as seat of the gods that acts like a machine to man-made machines with godlike attributes like ethics and control.


Renate C.-Z.-Quehenberger, Mag.art., Dr. Phil., media artist, and SciArt researcher based in Vienna (AT). Publications in the fields of art, geometry, archaeology, quantum physics and system theory. PEEK/FWF, SciArt project »Quantum Cinema a digital Vision« (2010‐2013)

Exhibitions: Neues Museum Weimar, MuseumsQuartier Vienna, Di‐Egy Fest 0.1, MAK Vienna, Cairotronica, NHM Vienna, Musée du Patrimoine Amazigh d’Agadir, DATAMI-Resonances III SciArt Festival at JRC in Ispra, Bozar Brussels, Milano Digital Week 2020, Kunsthalle mürz;

1st Prize Entropy Best Poster Award at the Linnaeus Conference: Towards Ultimate Quantum Theory (UQT) 2018.

http://quantumcinema.uni-ak.ac.at http://https://dieangewandte.academia.edu/RenateQuehenberger

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Picture credit: Jasmina Diab

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Center for Human-Computer Interaction der Universität Salzburg
Techno 5, Jakob-Haringer-Straße 8, 5020 Salzburg

6 p.m.

one hour – Input approx. 20 min, Dialog approx. 40 min.

Insight and dialogue in the field of tension: art, research, material.

subnetTALK is an open dialogue format. subnet invites artists and researchers to give an impulse on topics in the field of tension between art, material and research. This impulse is the basis for the following dialogue. Both impulse and dialogue will be recorded and broadcast by FS1. Rüdiger Wassibauer moderates the dialogue.

subnetTALK is a cooperation between the Center for Human Computer Interaction (University of Salzburg) and subnet.

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