Stefano Mori studied Architecture and graduated 2013 from Politecnico di Milano. Afterwards he moved to Austria and started a 7-year collaboration with Studio Anna Heringer and Lehm Ton Erde-Martin Rauch, two renowened firms specialized in earth architecture (Lehmbau). During this time, he has been responsible for both the design and construction of projects in Africa, Bangladesh, India, China, Germany, Austria, and Italy.


Since the beginning of human history, populations have always built shelters to protect themselves from the external meteorological conditions. By doing so, humans have generated the idea of two stringently disjoint worlds at the antipodes: the indoor world – a world of comfort, security and predictability – and the outdoor world – the world of nature, constant
change and unpredictability. Nevertheless, by creating this distinction the human being got progressively disconnected – both physically and psychologically – from his primary living space, the space that gave him birth and that ultimately regulate his life: nature.
Nowadays people spend in average 90% of their lives in indoor environments, this means that we are given to experience natural meteorological changes and the passing of time mostly only in form of sunlight intensity fluctuations.
“Indoor Rain” is a project that aim to investigate possible ways to reconnect – in the indoor space – the human being with the external meteorologicalchanges of nature. Stefano Moris project aims to question this traditional barrier and boundary between indoor and outdoor world through a water, light, sound installation at the Schmiede 2020. He would like to create a system (or a small pavilion) where in several drops of water will leak rhythmically from a (reflecting) ceiling and will fall on several objects/material producing different sounds and light effects. He is working on this concept since a few months already and I know I can control the frequency these drops are falling and the light effects that they produce. This could also open a possible collaboration with a musician/compositor in order to create a real music performance.

Time: September

Meet the artist: Mi 09.09. 19:00 I Ort: Alte Schmiede, Hallein
Picturecredit: Stefano Mori

subnet wird im August und September mit der Schmiede in Hallein kooperieren und gemeinsam mit Kunst im Ziegenstall und Kunstraum pro arte  das Programm auf der Pernerinsel mitgestalten.