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Lisa Brandstötter, Social Media Expertin und Initiatorin des BOOM Creative Lab, wird in diesem Jahr Workshops in den Bereichen Social Media Marketing, Photoshop, Branding, Storytelling, WordPress und Design leiten. Der erste Workshop 2015 wird unter dem Thema “Social Media Marketing für Einsteiger” stattfinden: Social Media ist ein wichtiges Marketing Tool, doch es richtig …

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subnetTALK: Jasper van Loenen 14/01


TALK: Open & DIY (Drone It Yourself) Everyone draws inspiration form other works, and when working with code you often use snippets written by others. So why keep your projects to yourself? The DIY (Drone It Yourself) Kit v1.0 is a modular kit comprising easy to assemble components. With the 3D printable files and …

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subnetYEAR 2014


2014 was a great year. Many new things happened and subnet developed as we could only wish: subnetTALK, subnetAIR, as well as Chaostreff Salzburg. All together grew well. A special thanks to Kultur Land Salzburg and Stadt Salzburg for sustainably supporting our endeavor to create a neutral …

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