Thank you for the many high quality submissions.
We are very happy that the subnetAIR program finds such strong resonance.

The subnetAIRs 2023 are:

Anders Ehlin and Selma Boskailo (a.k.a. The New Liquidity)
„De-territorialized Listenings“

Neo Christopher Chung
„Coincidentally and inevitably, in a place we never thought of“

Xuanning Chen
„Two ideas“

Jury Statement
The jury’s decision was to give the three subnetAIR slots to Anders Ehlin and Selma Boskailo (a.k.a. The New Liquidity), Neo Christopher Chung, and Xuanning Che, balancing out the residencies for a wide diversity in geography, age, gender, media, materials and methodologies.

The jury enjoyed the site-specific proposal of The New Liquidity to find new ways of experiencing and de-territorializing known spaces through binaural sound. We are looking forward to hearing Salzburg differently through their residency.
Neo Christopher Chung convinced the jury through his proposed experimental exploration of the psyche of artificial intelligence combing through algorithmic and human biases and misconceptions.
Last but not least, the jury wants to award a residency to Xuanning Chen, curious to learn and see more about second hand music culture and seeing applied examples of electronic tinkering in the resulting artworks.

The MediaART Residency (Stadt Salzburg) jury session is still in process and will be announced as soon as the jury made a decision.

Picturecredit: Jacob Colvin von Pexels